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Clinical Articles
and E-books

Discover Reveal’s content library and find useful clinical articles
to grow your practice and knowledge of aligner treatment.

eBooks For Growing Your Practice

Set Your Practice Apart
with Aligners

6 Essential Features
in Studio Pro 4.0


How to Maximize Your Success
with Aligners

Clinical Articles and Infographics

Dental Product Shopper
Peer-to-Peer Evaluation of Reveal

How to Identify
Aligner-Ready Patients

A Finest Case Study
Dr. Mario Chorak

Embrace the Power of Reveal
By Dr. Bruce McFarlane

Reveal Clinical Case Study
By Dr. Hamoud

Reveal Compendium Finest Case - Dr Ostreicher

A Finest Case Study
By Dr. Ostreicher

A Clear Winner for Practice and Patient

Reducing Clear Aligner Refinements
with Reveal

5 Ways to Market Your Practice
with Reveal

How to Simplify Your
Complex Aligner Cases

How Patients React when
Switching to Reveal

Reveal the ROI
of Technology

Why Dr. Trembley uses
Reveal Clear Aligners

Using Reveal for “Limited Orthodontic Care”

Switching to Reveal from a “Prominent” Aligner Brand


Getting started with
Reveal is easy

Say goodbye to provider fees and get free training + onboarding
support with a dedicated specialist at each step.